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lynette charles has more. >> all right, we were hot today and we broke a record today. tomorrow, we'll not break any records. we won't be that hot today and temperatures will be above average. things are try here, how long will they be dry? we can see the showers and thunderstorms to the north. those thunderstorms expired as of now. the thunderstorms will drop to the south and east. we'll get into the action throughout the rest of the evening. we had a heat advisory into 9:00 tonight. temperatures are still hot, very muggy. temperatures around # 0 -- 101 in baltimore and dulles. into the evening, we'll stay in the 90s and we have a code orange. i want to talk a more about tropical storm don, coming up.
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there are cooling centers throughout the state. for a list, go to and click on the hot weather guide and click on the find a cooler center article. there, you'll find more information. now, the latest on a shooting near the maryland institute clench of art. a man was attacked she was pistol whipped and shot in the back. he's expected to recover at the hospital the police have no suspect or information or motive in the case. a 14-year-old girl died after being hit by a car after going out from a walk. she's being remembered on facebook. she was walking along the road and she was hit. she died a short time later. she was getting ready for her first year of high school.
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she was always a positive girl and willing to help anyone. the police are trying to find out what caused this incident. the police arrested three people in a drug bust that seized two dozen marijuana plants and many other drugs. it happened wednesday. the police found the plants and crack cocaine and cocaine prouder and mushrooms and a rifle. the police arrested these three men and charged them with possession of marijuana drugs they found have a street value of $13,000. two stabbings in one week have the police looking into shutting down a restaurant. a 22-year-old woman is expected to recover. another person was stabbed outside of a bar. the police have made arrests in both cases.
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we'll have more on the efforts to combat crime in the area. in democracy, 2011 news. the first mayoral debate is scheduled for tuesday. most of the candidates but the current mayor will be present. well, thousands of parents complainted about them and an investigation into what triggered rashes from pampers dry max came up empty. they found no need to recall the deeps. what did -- recall the diapers. what did they look at? >> we looked at 2000 pages of e- mails and analysis and
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testimonials to try to get answers for parents. much of what we wanted to see was simply left out. pampers launched the dry max diapers last year. thousands of parents said their kids had rashes and blisters and burns. we'll dig into the file for the agency looking into the complaints. parents we talked to said they know that the pain they saw was reel. >> it was like a big red spot, almost like a sun burn with little welts starting to come out. >> tonight at 11:00, we'll explain why hundreds of pages of file were held back. we'll tell you why what's in the pages could be crucial. in the meantime, go to the website at we'll talk about what wasn't in the file.
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we'll put a sneak peek of what was on the page. if you click on the page, the story itself pops up. we put ten pages online and you can click through with a sneak peek yourself. go to joce sterman, abc2 news. now, the latest on the death of the construction worker in anne arundel county. he was killed and another was seriously hurt when a wall collapsed at the site of the slots casino. the worker of hanover was on a lift when the wall collapsed and he died at the scene. a second worker was taken to shock trauma with life threatening injuries. yeah, there are significant challenges to rescuers like this. we're talking about heavy equipment and unstable ground services and unstable pieces of
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buildings. >> this is the second accident at the site this month. on july 5th, concrete fell on another worker. when you sit down to spaghetti, the last thing you think about is how strong are the noodles? coming up, students asked just that question. how much weight did the spaghetti bridges hold? it's important to your home. it's the first thing people see when they pull up to your house. >> we have tips to help your driveway last and to save you money in the long run. and we broke the old record of 99 set back in 1954. today, we were at 101. we missed the forecasted temperature by 1. stick around, i'm going to have the seven-day forecast and you'll see if there's any
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relief in site.
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there are more recycling options for those living in howard county. now, they can include food scraps and pizza poxes -- boxes and banana peels. they'll be taken and composted. this is a pilot program to start a compost. it's one of the first on the east coast. when it comes to owning a home, there are small projects you have to do to keep it maintained.
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if you forget about your driveway, it could cost you more money later. >> reporter: whether you have a short or long driveway, maintaining it is an easy way to save money and to also create a first impression. it's important to your home. it's the first thing that mideast people see when they pull up to your house. you want to make sure that the driveway is adding to the curb appeal. asphalt is less expensive to install, but it's important to patch up cracks and holes and you have to seal it. >> the main thing is, you'll want to seal coat your driveway. that's really the number one thing you can do. you know, that's kind of a proactive thing. if you do it regularly, you can head out of the deterioration. that's what we're trying to do
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here. >> reporter: concrete holds more weight and offers varieties in terms of variety and stamps. they last 40 years longer than asphalt, but it's more expensive to replace and repairs are tricky. >> it was breaking up and i replaced it and i went with concrete. it has longer. >> reporter: and angie hicks reminds us that failing to take care of a driveway will cost you later. >> take care of cracks as you see them develop. it can increase the longevity of your driveway. >> reporter: if your driveway is covered in cracks, chips and holes, replacement may be the best option. also, sun and rain can impact the life of your driveway, so can icing salt.
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the tires can bring it in from the streets. make sure you sweep it regularly. for more tips and angie's lists tips, go to and then go to the lifestyle tab and click on angie's list. now, maryland's most powerful radar. well, we had a lot of sunshine out there today. we boosted the temperatures into the triple digits highs are around 101 and now, around 100 degrees. humidity around 31% and winds at 12 miles per hour. the barometer at 29.82 and it's fall. were we're not seeing anything around the area. we have showers and thunderstorms to the north and into pennsylvania. things are starting to settle down a little bit. some of the thunderstorms are dropping into our area. we'll keep you updated on that
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information. check out the inner harbor. 103 degrees now. 102 in d.c. and 91 in cambridge and 99 in culpeper. we can see what we'll be dealing with and we can feel it. the moisture level is high once again. we can see them in the 70s. over in dover and wilmington and feeling it around culpeper. the air is moist and sultry. with that, it feels like 109 at the inner harbor and 108 into d.c. and cambridge feels like 100 degrees now. as we look at the big view. this is the big picture. we have showers and thunderstorms to the north and we have showers and thunderstorms to the south. we're sandwiched in with all of the unsettled weather. it will be settled slightly. we're waiting for the cold
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front to push in into the overnight. that will drop the temperatures down tomorrow into the 90s. we won't see the triple digits. we'll bring in more dry air and less humid into tomorrow. we're showing you what's going into time we'll have a chance for scattered showers into the weekend. the tropical air is upon us. we're dealing with don and the winds are sustained at 50 miles per hour. it's moving to the west northwest at 14 miles per hour. we can see its setting its eye on corpus christi and brownsville. that's where it's making landfall tomorrow evening. as we go into tomorrow night, temperatures back around 79- degree. storms are still possible and the environment is ripe. we have moisture to deal with. it will be stemmy outside and by tomorrow, the temperature will be around 95 degrees.
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'll get a little bit of a break and temperatures above average. we should be at 87 degrees this time of the year. by tomorrow night, the temperature should be around 72 degrees and partly cloudy and not as warm as it could be tonight. here's the forecast for you. the heat and humidity are persisting through time. you can see the temperatures in the 90s. as we head into the end of the week, the temperatures are dropping off a little bit into the 80s. i was trying to be on the safe side. at 90-degree, we may hit the 80s. throughout the week, the temperatures will be on the hot side. >> it's going to be tough air quality. >> we have a code orange day today as well. well, we're bringing you the up to the minute, up to the second storm information. as well as forecast. right now, iphone and ipad users are getting the abc2 news
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weather app. you can check the storms and find the forecast for the next week. you can see what to expect other the next couple of hours. go to there, you'll find the free wear a -- weather app link. well, when it comes to eating dinner, we've been told not to play with food. today, students were told the opposite as a way to show off their newly learned engineering skill. we'll show you the strength of spaghetti. >> reporter: 60 students were on hand in essex putting their bridges to the test. >> these bridges were hard to make. it was interesting. we learned about engineering principals. i think we wasted enough spaghetti to feed a whole, like classroom. >> reporter: this is the finale of the summer engineering program put on by johns hopkins
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university. it introduces high school students to engineering. >> what happens is they take a program that we have actually for students at hopkins and try to bring it down to the high school level and offer that as an introduction to engineering. they've learned about engineering. students used the spaghetti and found it's unforgiving. you could take a 5-year-old kid and the kid could rake it. if you designed carefully and build carefully, you find that the spaghetti is pretty strong. >> well, we built a trust bridge.
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it had a lot of triangles with it. we hope that it makes it stronger. >> first, the bridges were weighed and measured. >> then, it was on to the weight test. >> this will the bridge couldn't take more stress, the winning bridge, this one added on the weight. >> 83.6 pounds. >> before eventually, it couldn't take more stress. [ cheers and applause ] ! >> this year, the competition comes to a close and not without the head of the engineering. >> my only regret, i haven't found an edible epoxy. this takes place in 16 locations including maryland. the most weight held by the bridge was 150 pounds.
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let's take a look at this, the inner harbor is heated once again. the air looked so thick, you could cut it with a knife. we'll check on why texans are looking forward to rain. [ male announcer ] southwest is having a nationwide sale,
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rain on your vacation. this could drive many people to tiers. in texas, many are suffering drought conditions. many want the rain. the three to six inches they're expected to drop will be a welcomed relief. >> you know, if it raining aisle get a bar of soap. >> for he and his family, tropical storm don couldn't come soon enough. >> my grass would be green. right now, it's yellow. every day, it's over 100. >> reporter: weaks of triple digit heat and dry conditions resulted in months of drought. this lake dried up so much, the jet skiers have nowhere to go. it's so bad that this family drove south to meet the storm.
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>> we wanted to be where the rain was so we know how it looks! [ laughter ] >> you've forgotten! >> reporter: don is forecasted to make 7 feet waves. >> we have the storm coming this way. the surge will come in and move and go up to the danes. >> reporter: as for this family, the rain won't keep them from enjoying the day at the beach. in fact, don's welcome at the party. it's a tropical storm, not a hurricane. you know, no big deal. >> reporter: if don follows the forecast, they won't issue mandatory evacuations. they're asking people to bring in all of the out door item. abc2 news, texas. and it's kind of hard to say that that's good news that you'll have a tropical storm
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hit shore. you saw the ground. >> exactly, it's bad out there. everyone's in agreement. don is welcome there. accept for the cotton farmers. they'll see harvesting and they don't want it. you know? we're getting rain as we go through time. >> yeah, we could break it up. >> we could see norms possible. we're in a slight risk in the northern counties. we'll see the showers and thunderstorms dropping down and hopefully none will be severe. things will improve into tomorrow. we'll have a cold front and that will back the temperatures down into the -- well, not the triple digits hot weather will stay with us into the rest of the week. temperatures will be above average in the 90s. 'll be around 87 degrees. and just a little bit of relief, not a whole lot. >> we'll have more rain, too.
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>> yes, that's true. >> that's it for us at 6:00. we'll see you at 11:00.
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